CNC Cutting

CNC Рязане

CNC milling cutters are the universal tool for contour cutting of complex parts.

The machines of this type that we have are 3-axis milling cutters with the possibility of supplying a cooling liquid, which also allows the cutting of aluminum and other metals. Their high power also allows processing of boards of considerable thickness.
The machine has an automatic system for changing tools for cutting, milling and engraving, which makes them extremely fast and flexible for a variety of tasks for the production of complex multi-component parts. All these advantages give an extremely wide application of reversed parts in areas such as:
• Advertising industry
• Furniture industry
• Construction
• Vacuum forming - production of matrices

The listed sectors are our most common clients, but they are far from all who use our services.

The most popular materials we can process are:
• Solid wood
• Plexiglas
• PVC boards
• Composite boards
• Polycarbonate dense
• Aluminum
• Etalbond

This does not exclude other materials that we have not mentioned, but you need their processing, just ask us and you will receive a consultation and an offer

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